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Search Engine Spiders

As you may know, the leading search engines send out software applications, categorized as spiders or bots, to scan the material of web sites to enable the websites to be indexed. Utilizing various search engine guidelines (such as link quality, how old the site is, content quality, and much more), which is checked in primarily an automated process, the search engines then determine which websites are related to certain terms and how relevant it is. That way, when anyone searches for a particular key word or phrase, the list of links returned is true to what the person is searching for within the search engine and to the best of the algorithms’ abilities.Search Engine Spiders

Search Engine Spiders downfalls

Technical Engineers work continuously to improve the capability of indexing sites, and to notice related terms, however there are a few things that search engine spiders are unable to see and/or translate. Because of what spiders can or cannot do there are parts of websites that search engine spiders are unable to crawl. If there are parts of your site that are not being indexed this is something that you must look into. There are some technology reasons as to why search engine spiders would not be able to index your site. Updates on technology will attract more visitors to your website. Stay updated!

Search Engine Spider Challenges

So what are the Search Engine challenges? Well, JavaScript can cause issues. Some of the incredible dropdown menus that are created including image maps and image links are not going to be indexed by the search engine spiders. Search Engine Spiders need to have text links.
Flash is not going to be your friend. Search engine spiders do not even see it. Images are the same way and this is why we use the alt tag. You need to build in content that the search engines spiders can see. When concerned about SEO flash is going to ruin this. Flash uses frames which should not be used at all if concerned about SEO. Search engine spiders have no way of seeing your site. Use as little as possible.
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