Social Media

Social Media Overview

Presently, the internet is all about Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr… But six years ago, all these social media services didn’t exist, portals and search engines where still king. So what happened during this period? To make a long story short: users took the control over the web. Or, to be more accurate: the marketplace shifted to a click-based engagement model to a fan-based engagement model. Which means, clicks are no longer the premium currency for advisers, fans are: they want to be followed, to be shared, to be mentioned, even to be pined! Follower is the new click, Social media has conquered the search engines.Social Media

With the arrival of user generated content and sharing features, social media platforms are the kings of the internet. This being said, and I assume you already knew it, not every social media platform is the same. Within the last six years, we have been through three waves of social media: The publishing wave (with blogs), the sharing wave (with Facebook and Twitter), and the curating wave (with Quora, Pinterest and alike). The main reason for this shift in social media users’ behavior is the amount of content: the more content, the more precious it is to find the value-added content, this is why we are currently in the curating wave. The second reason is the evolution of users’ expectations: the more they use social media, the more sophisticated their needs are. Thus, every six month, we are witnessing the arrival of “the new Facebook”; the new social media platform. But as you can experience it every day, we still have the same three dominant players (Facebook, Twitter, Google) and a dense ecosystem of niche players.

Social Media Facebook

Facebook is membership focused. You can register for a free account, develop your profile, then begin locating other members with the Facebook directory and making contacts with others you know. Once associated, you may communicate with another member, upload pictures, share your web blog feeds, share your Twitter feeds, join Facebook groupings of interest to you, or begin your own group.
Facebook Applications:

Some Facebook users love the additional third-party apps that you can download and install to your Facebook profile. There are enjoyable applications where you can challenge connected friends to movie trivia or “poke” another user to say hello. It’s your job to decide which applications you want to add to your account.
Facebook for Blog Promotion:

Facebook is effective to drive visitors to your blog because it enables you to network with other people who spend time on-line and may be interested in reading your blog. You can join relevant Facebook groups and broadcast interesting blog posts, discover like-minded bloggers to network with both within and outside of Facebook, and you can publicize your recent posts through a message that everyone connected to you can see. Alternatively, you can publish your blog or Twitter feed as part of your Facebook profile.

Social Media Linkedin

LinkedIn is a membership-based (it’s free to sign up), no-frills social networking site with a reputation of being the place to network for profession development and job searches. You cannot view another LinkedIn member’s profile unless you are connected to that individual, and you can only get connected if you know that person outside LinkedIn already or if you are introduced to that person.Social Media
LinkedIn for Blog Promotion:

LinkedIn is best used for career networking, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to advertise your blog content, also. Spend some time making connections, answering questions that people pose through LinkedIn and developing relationships. Be sure to create a complete LinkedIn profile and include your blog’s Link within your user profile. As people learn who you are through your LinkedIn connections, chances are they’ll check out the link for your blog within your profile to see what you have to say.

LinkedIn is one more place that allow you to post a link to your blog and develop relationships with people who could be interested in reading your blog content. Though it may be unlikely you’ll gain a big raise in traffic after you join LinkedIn, the relationships you build through your LinkedIn connections will drive indirect traffic over time.

Social Media Google Plus

Google Plus is membership-based (free), social media platform for small businesses. This is upcoming social media. Getting people to switch from Facebook is going to be tough, either people can join google plus and integrate into their daily routine while I’m checking e-mail, looking at my calendar and going through my reader feed. Google and google plus company is in the unique position to become a one-stop shop for social media networking.

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